starter question, "where does your inspiration come from?"

A. a lover ?

B. a can of beer ?

C. a slice of carrot cake ?

well, when it comes to mine, i find it everywhere. it's just that i have one special corner to dig in to it.

i named it my "SINKTUARY"

it's not spacious it's not hygiene it's not flattering yet it provides me it's own space and time to explore the magic maze of impossibilities, fairytale and tragedies.

so from this SINKTUARY of mine i came up with MYBRAINMALFUNCTION, a phrase that defines a state of imperfection, indicating a borderless way to simply express the color i wanna paint, language i wanna speak or hatred i wanna show, even if it's being against by u or anybody else.

cos it's me and my brain malfunction that i don't take no judgement and being innocent is the only verdict that is believable.


Ario Achda

p.s : here are sum pictures of my SINKTUARY, the virgin mother of MYBRAINMALFUNCTION

Until the next jabbering box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

2 comment:

My Fantastic World said...

Finally you got your blog. I am just stopping by to see how you made it. Ikan2 Koi-nya bagus. Love them, and how their moving is like a real fish.

It's a nice blog. (^_^)

Ario Achda said...

waaaa, thank u sari...i'm going to follow u baaaaccckkk...

i love the fish too!!! cool feature!!! haha