Me, Marcella Caroline, Cindy Karmoko and Herdiana Surachman are featured on AMICA Indonesia's 4th anniversary edition
They have 4 different covers, stoked editorials, and news about Amica's styling competition plus scholarship to Milan,  and of course plenty of other reasons than just to see me on Amica Indonesia *drop a bomb on me* :p

Been away from blogging due to @LOOKBOOKJakarta's gig for UI FASHION WEEK and PLAZA INDONESIA FASHION MASH UP. Will of course post a late post here as soon as possible :)

Until the next malfunction box ! ! !
~Ario Achda~

6 comment:

Shinly Fransisca said...

woah. congrats kak <3
you really deserve it.

Mitha Komala said...

congrats kak arrr! you and the blog totally deserve that! xx

Letters To Juliet

C. Belvin said...

wow congratz kak !! kece abiss

Stella Lunardy said...

kak Ario keren banget! congrats on being featured kak!
too bad I couldn't come to UIFW:(

Gabriella Olivia said...

love the outer kak!
lookbookJKT events were awesome! congratsss! <333


kak ario, i read your tweet like a couple days ago, semangat ah sist, insya allah rezeki tetep ngalir lewat ngeblog, tp iya aga kurang semangat, gw sih mikirnya mungkin lagi banyak dementor warawiri aja lol.

minum ini dulu take a sip sip *sodorin martini* udah itu hayu kita tadarusan.